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46 photo(s) Updated on: 18 Nov 2017
  • N28631 on the Ramp at O69 Petaluma, CA
  • Waiting for a check ride
  • Roger's Pass, British Columbia
  • Bob Hess photo.
  • 2017 AYA Convention Peoples Choice winner.
  • Tiger on a cold Canadian ramp.
  • Tiger on ramp at Hollister, CA (KCVH)
  • VH-SYK photo taken at Yarrawonga, Victoria, Australia
  • Tiger in the Ukraine
  • Cheetah tail
  • Cheetah west of Calgary
  • Grumman in Britain
  • Cheetah near Hawaii
  • Cheetah east of Seattle
  • Tiger in Monument Valley
  • Tiger at Dayton AYA Convention
  • Tiger near the Canadian Rockies
  • Tiger in Crimea
  • Cheetah in Hawaii

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