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  • Just bought this 79 Tiger around the first part of June2020 with a 0 time engine! My fifth Grumman in 45 years of flying! Ruth
  • G-5's with OAT added to get TAS & wind speed & direction. This is parked in my hangar.
  • New GFC-500 installed by Excel-Air Servces, updated G5's with OAT added, Garmin 530W, Garmin GNC-250XL, Garmin 327 & not visible Garmin GDL-88 ADS-B in & out. Love the GFC-500!
  • Mid winter, Tiger right by hangar door ready to go, Cub, homebuilt & cars are waiting for warmer weather to come. All in my heated hangar in back yard of Bel Air Estates, C77 airport, Poplar Grove, IL
  • Hangar gets really full during the winter!
  • 1977 AA5A Cheetah. Alan & Barbara Marsden. Ft Myers/Page Field, FL. (KFMY)
  • N1485R. 160hp conversion. ADSB 1090ES in & out with data link to PED. Recently installed G1 engine analyzer.
  • Carolyn and I enjoyed our trip to St Louis. The 160 hp O320-B2B gave this tiny airplane wonderful climb and cruise performance.
  • This shot was taken from my Enstrom F280FX flown by my #2 pilot, Michael Dixon. Tom Faires, my DOM, used my Nikon D300S through the open door of the helicopter. (late day "golden hour" sun)
  • Tiger in Bremerton Washington.
  • Tiger over North Florida with recently installed Garmin GNX375 ADS-B in and out.
  • N946TE, with Synthetic Vision.
  • N946TE, Aspen Pro Max with Synthetic vision.
  • N946TE with Synthetic Vision, RC Allen Electronic attitude indicator (back up), vacuum system removed.
  • KMGJ fuel farm N946TE 2003 AG5B.
  • N946TE getting ready to take flight to...????
  • 2003 Tiger Aircraft. N946TE
  • N946TE 2003 Tiger Aircraft.
  • My 2003 Tiger Aircraft flight deck. N946TE
  • G-BDFY W coast of Scotland
  • G-BDFY Traveller over Fife, Scotland
  • N28006 at Beckwourth, CA
  • 5000 ft over South River Ontario
  • N946TE eastbound to KMGJ.
  • N946TE @ KPOU.
  • N946TE @ KMGJ ready to meet AYA at KRDG.
  • Jill and Tims 76 Tiger.
  • For those wondering how a full size bicycle fits in a Tiger. Just remove the front wheel and the seat and voila.
  • On the NoCal coast near Crescent City.
  • SoOre mountain flying
  • Navy scheme with quite a story
  • Some work to do on apron & hanger
  • GLBE with new cruise prop
  • N946TE, 03 AG5B @ KAVX
  • N26888, 79 AA5A @ KFWN.
  • N28630, 78 AA5B in 2018 after new paint, plexiglas and interior
  • N28630, 78 AA5B in 2003 just after getting a LoPresti cowl
  • Flying in to S37 to give a Safety Seminar
  • N26888 @ 1B1.
  • N26888 @ N89.
  • N26888 @ KMGJ.
  • N26888 @ N89.
  • N26888 @ KVAY.
  • Rocky Mountain High
  • 28665 - 2018 Panel Upgrade
  • N28665 - Dual G5's; PMA 450B; GTN 650; GNC 255; GTX 345; All new powder-coated panel
  • T&G's Hawthorne Nv
  • N28386 at 1N1
  • 1n1 East of Sandia Peak
  • AA5. Serial #002
  • N6217L
  • N6217L
  • Enjoying the sights over Flathead Lake in Western Montana. August 2017
  • N28006 at Round Valley CA
  • 1977 AA-1C Lynx. Alan & Barbara Marsden of Cape Coral FL.
  • TS36 for the Annual
  • 1974 AA-1B. Climb out. GoPro camera mounted at wingtip
  • 1974 AA-1B. Original paint. Hangared most of its life!
  • '73 Traveler back from another great flight!
  • My Grandfather flew the Cheetah to my work at KSMX with my Grandmother and then told me me “We have the airplane now; I can teach you to fly.” Greatest Christmas gift a 21 year old could ever get.
  • N9999U at Valkaria, Florida (X59).
  • "Tiger" on board - N1194N
  • At RZL after Repaint by Excel-Air.
  • Anson County Airfield, NC
  • N1194N at JQF - Home Base
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