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 Grumman Owners and Pilots Association

 "Building on our proud AYA heritage..."


The International TYPE-CLUB FOR Grumman Owners and Pilots

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Benefits of GOPA Membership

Whether you are just getting acquainted with Grumman aircraft or you have been a Grumman flyer for years.  Whether you are just starting your adventure in flying or you have accumulated a lifetime of logbooks - your membership in GOPA, Grumman Owners and Pilots Association, puts you at the center of the Grumman light aircraft community and welcomes you as an important part of the continuing story of these remarkable aircraft...

GOPA members have access to practical knowledge and insights from leaders in the field, best practices, research, and tools you can use every day. As THE Grumman Type Club, we provide information, resources, and education programs to help keep you flying safe and enjoying General Aviation.  If you are undecided about becoming a GOPA member, we encourage you to read the companion article under ABOUT US: Eight Great Reasons to Add a GOPA membership to your Grumman Flying Experience.  


Membership in GOPA brings with it the personally rewarding camaraderie with other members, GOPA events, and a myriad of other benefits, including:

  • Best flying and operations practice for owners and pilots
  • Accurate and relevant technical and operational information
  • An active calendar of events locally, nationally, and internationally
  • An interface with the FAA on AD's
  • Owner/Mentor Programs
  • Pilot Proficiency Programs
Specifically, your GOPA Membership provides: 
  • GOPA Membership Directory and map to locate all GOPA members
  • Current and Archived International Grumman Star/American Star Newsletters (click here for a free sample)
  • Scholarship Program
  • New Owners, Pilot Proficiency Program (PFP)
  • Grumman Store 
  • Access to extensive Technical and Video Library
  • Annual Convention
  • Ask The Experts 
  • Input into FAA and EASA regulation
  • Lauren Larsen and Dicey Miller Awards
  • Most importantly, interaction with a lively community of Grumman owners, pilots, maintenance operators and enthusiasts

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