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FAA Proposed AD re: Delamination Issues

Great News: Due to all the supportive submissions, which helped to document why the proposed AD was costly, largely unnecessary and would not contribute to the overall safety of the fleet, the FAA has just announced that they are not pursuing the AD that would require annual tap testing of the seams on all models of the Grumman Light Aircraft to determine if debonding issues were present. See April 15 News item below for more details. "The FAA received comments from 41 commenters. The commenters were the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), the Grumman Owners & Pilots Association (GOPA), Fortnight Aviation Maintenance, and many individual airplane owners and pilots."


Considering buying a Grumman?     

Let us show you just what it is that makes Grumman aircraft so special and revered by their owners and how you can get your very own "Grumman Grin"

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The Grumman Type-Club

As THE type club for Grumman light aircraft, GOPA is an active community of Grumman pilots, owners, maintenance operators and enthusiasts.  GOPA membership opens the door to video libraries and live demos; tech manuals and transitional training; critical FAA input; and the camaraderie of casual fly-ins and annual meetings...all geared to make Grumman aviation more accessible and safer.

From buying to flying, GOPA is the place to come for all things Grumman.

         Safety, First and Always

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Cat Tales  

First Perspective - Flying the AA-1.  GOPA's Safety Director, Bob Reed, gets an introduction to and comes to grips with the "pocket fighter".

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"Most of the Cheetah/Tiger airplanes seem to have a natural attraction for pilots, a certain charisma lacking in other, stodgier, less exciting models.  That appeal engenders near fanatical support among its owners..."                                     
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Plane and Pilot Magazine - September 2001

GRUMMAN Resources

Our Association hosts a vast library of knowledge and  resources to assist its members in the purchase, maintenance and safe operation of their Grumman aircraft. You too can take advantage of these valuable resources as soon as you become a member. 


GOPA Scholarships

GOPA recognizes the significance and the importance of support for the next generation of General Aviation and Commercial Aviation industry pilots.  To date, GOPA has provided $93,000 in annual scholarships used for flight training.  Click "Read More" to learn how to apply or how you can support GOPA by donating
See here for Fundraising.

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Pilot Familiarization Program (PFP)

New to the Grumman family of aircraft?  While being no more difficult to fly than any other similar class aircraft, the Grummans do have some unique characteristics which you should be familiar with in order to fly safely and confidently.  Your insurance company may require some initial dual experience too...

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 Tips & Hints
(For more extensive Tips & Hints, become a GOPA member)

Grumman AA-1 Handling Tips

Useful handling tips to ensure safest operation and maximum enjoyment from your AA-1.

Hints for Pre-Purchase Inspections

Always an important time.  These hints will make sure you cover all the bases during a Grumman Pre-buy.


 Ask The Experts
 (For access to the full Ask The Experts library, become a GOPA member and login) 

Grumman AA5-B Aileron Trim Tab STC

Essential information on sourcing and implementing this STC on the AA5-B Tiger.

Grumman AA-1 Electrical System

Overcoming electrical problems on the AA-1, specifically with respect to the ammeter circuit.

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