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The Lauren Larsen Memorial Award

The Lauren Larsen Award is presented annually to the person (s) who most exemplified the spirit of the Grumman Owners and Pilots Association over the previous year. 

Nominations are made by the members of the Association and the recipient chosen by the Board from that list.

The award was created in honor and memory of Lauren Larsen, our late Northeast Regional Director who was lost over Lake Michigan just before the 1983 Convention. While flying his Yankee over the lake at night, he radioed in a "May Day" due to engine failure. Neither he nor the Yankee were ever found.  Months later, one identifiable part of the plane washed up on the Eastern shores.

Lauren was the person most responsible for getting the Eastern AYA going in the early days. and went above and beyond the call of duty until his untimely death.  To honor Lauren’s  commitment to THE AYA,  the Board created an award to be given each year to the member who had given the most outstanding Service to the AYA/GOPA the previous year.

The Lauren Larsen Memorial Award Plaque (seen here) bears the names of all past recipients.  The Main Plaque is passed on each year to the new awardee, with a smaller, personalized version for them to keep.

Past winners of this award are:

2023 Mike Nichols

2022 John Cotter

2021 Kathrin Kaiser

2020 Bob Reed

2019 Graham Smith

2018 Scott Sanders and Cliff Daugherty

2017 Dan Schmitz

2016 Liam Miller

2015 Bill Daly

2014 Charlie Adams

2013 Gregg Erikson

2012 Ken Nebrig

2011 Jorg Trauboth and Ron Mowery

2010 Garner Rice

2009 Don Cochran

2008 Don Metz

2007 Ron Levy

2006 Richard Hinsley

2005 Nigel Thomas

2004 Bob Steward

2003 Roscoe Rosché

2002 Guy Warner

2001 Bob Gibson

2000 Walt and Bonnie Porter

1999 Carolyn Skaggs

1998 Patricia Metz

1997 Mike LeTrello

1996 Glenn Hadley

1995 Steve Peach

1994 Shelly Lockhart and Barbara Wilcox

1993 Ian Matterface

1992 Fred Kokaska

1991 Sharon Spence

1990 Cindy Fletcher

1989 Bill Marvel

1988 Bob and Irene Arnold

1987 Stew and Karen Wilson

1986 Larry Foster

1985 Liz Lane

1984 Chuck Pantera

Winners have come from the USA, Canada, England, Ireland, Australia, and Continental Europe.  Congratulations to everyone!

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