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GOPA Pilot Familiarization Program (PFP)

The PFP is designed to give new Grumman owners a comprehensive checkout in their new airplane from a Grumman-experienced Certified Flight Instructor (CFI).  Fly more confidently and more safely with a PFP checkout under your belt.

While Grummans aren't inherently more difficult to fly than other types, they have a number of unique characteristics and handling qualities that make a thorough checkout from a qualified instructor more than just a good idea. 

The PFP is a "Train-to Proficiency" program, and as such, does not require any specified number of hours. Time to complete will depend on the individual pilot's background, experience, and current proficiency.

For more information, and for a referral to the PFP Instructor nearest you, or, if you are a CFI and are interested in becoming a PFP Instructor, contact the PFP Manager here.

Required qualifications for becoming a PFP Instructor Include:

  • A current CFI certificate.
  • A minimum of 25 hours PIC in Grumman light singles.

For further information, please email the GOPA PFP Manager here.

For a list of current PFP Instructors please see here.

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