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 Grumman Owners and Pilots Association

 "Building on our proud AYA heritage..."


The International TYPE-CLUB FOR Grumman Owners and Pilots

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Welcome to the Grumman Owners and Pilots Association (GOPA).

GOPA – formerly The American Yankee Association – is packed with nearly half a century of valuable knowledge.

It is THE Grumman Type-Club.

Grumman’s are some of the most sought-after planes in the world.

My love affair with Grumman’s dates to 1996 when I bought an AA5 Traveler. My current ride, a 1978 Tiger, has been a staple of mine for 22 years… purchased in 2000 to upgrade the Traveler.

Over the past 5 years, I’ve done a full restoration of interior, paint and panel punctuating the appeal of the brand. To me, owning a Grumman is like owning a blue-chip stock.

One important purchase caveat is to get a thorough pre-buy from a Grumman qualified mechanic.

GOPA supports all facets of ownership – Initial transition training, Maintenance, Scholarships for young aspiring aviators, Regional fly-ins, all topped by the Annual Convention.

I believe Membership in the Association is invaluable for every Grumman Owner.



Bob Reed

GOPA President

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