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51 photo(s) Updated on: 12 Jul 2024
  • 75 Traveler at its new home. What a welcoming sight to have the rainbow!
  • March 2021, my Wife Cathy snaps a picture as she walks towards our Cheetah. We had a great time flying over SE Kansas, viewing Big Brutus and the many miles of strip mines it created from 1963-1974.
  • 1972 AA5 Traveler "Blue Grumman" Enjoying the Marine Layer at Watsonville Airport California. Serial #0053.
  • N7186L, a 1974 Traveler, fresh out of the paint booth. Paint design inspired by the 1942 Wildcat with a brighter blue on top and fading to a grey belly.
  • N7186L, a 1974 Traveler, fresh out of the paint booth. Paint design inspired by the 1942 Wildcat with a brighter blue on top and fading to a grey belly.
  • N124VU at the homedrome, IL48. The VU represents Vincennes University, the first owners of this AG5B back in '91.
  • Working on changing autopilot disconnect button. Thought about GTN 650 but went with GPS only navigation GNC 355's
  • After 20+ years without flying it's amazing to see how far these systems have come. Sure beats the Loran C unit in the old 172.
  • Great cross country machine!
  • Owned over 40 years now. Installed 0-320 in 1983, and still my favorite airplane to fly. Restoring an American Aviation AA-1 now that might replace it.
  • G-BDFY panel - new facia trim panel a few years back tidied things up
  • G-BDFY - W coast of Scotland toward the Isle of Skye
  • G-BDFY - the 'new' / current paint scheme from 2000
  • G-BDFY - The original 1975 paint scheme
  • Becca Harmon - 2021 GOPA Scholarship recipient - with her new Airman Certificate in hand after her check ride in N12TR - a 1991 AG-5B. 31 July 2021.
  • Just A Typical Ground Speed In My Tiger.
  • N28006 Departing KGOO.
  • N315 at KMKC about 2:30 in the morning.
  • N315 - Panel Upgrade - June 2020
  • Carolyn and I went to a Michael Buble concert in 2019. Our little 160hp AA1B made the trip a great pleasure and allowed us to spend more time enjoying the art and culture of St. Louis.
  • This is my 1975 AA1B west of Memphis Tennessee on a beautiful winter day. STC'd O320-B2B with 160 hp. Pilot/Owner - Wayne Breeden - Camera, Nikon D300S shot from my Enstrom F28F.
  • Nervino Airport after a circle the Sierra Valley bike ride.
  • Resting during a snowstorm, safe at home in Riga, Latvia.
  • something old, something new...
  • Love the dual G5s
  • Original paint scheme on N45226.
  • New paint for N45226, 10/2019
  • N28479 with 231909 in Plymouth, MA.
  • Becca's first solo 18 August, 2020!
  • Becca and Pete flying from Victorville, CA (KVCV) to Rochester, NH (KDAW) June 2020. Making my co-pilot work for her lodging!
  • On the ramp - KIYK
  • Previous owner flying in the Sierras - 2019
  • Photo-shopped transparent background.
  • Rick Hellwig N28006 at Shelter Cove, CA
  • Heading to the Oregon coast from home base in Colorado. Mt. Hood in the background. Barb Hanson took this photo from their Bonanza using an iPhone. No, the prop has not stopped!
  • Once I got the building bug, we realized that we rarely needed four seats and opted for just two to meet our primary mission of long distance travel. As shown, the -14A does this very well!
  • Sold our Tiger after 30 fantastic years and 5000 hours. Built and later sold the RV-8A in the background and built and own the RV-14A in the foreground. Photo by Walt Porter at the 2019 convention.
  • Jim with C-GLRF in tow.
  • Coming home (Jackfish Lake in the foreground) after a beautiful day of flying in north central Saskatchewan
  • Perfect fall day for flying. North Central Saskatchewan (25 miles north of home).
  • Jackfish Lake, Sk., CA. Home from the air. (need to click on photo to zoom in)
  • Good - Better - Best. You decide!!!
  • Cheetah south of Helena, MT, heading to Dillon for the Rodeo and to meet AYA Friends.
  • Unique windsock for the Drumheller, AB, airport. Drumheller is home to the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology.

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