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100LL Replacement Approved

1 Sep 2022 7:20 PM | Don Metz (Administrator)

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Press Release: September 1, 2022
For Immediate Release
General Aviation Modifications, Inc. (GAMI) is pleased to announce that we have received the FAA’s Approval of the expansion of our Supplemental Type Certificates on the use of our G100UL High Octane, Unleaded Avgas. The Approved Model List (AML) now covers every spark ignition piston engine and every airframe using a spark ignition piston engine(s) in the FAA’s Type Certificate database.
GAMI has conducted testing and certification of the G100UL under the FAA’s Supplemental Type Certificate Certification Program with a high level of FAA oversight for the past 12+ years. George Braly, GAMI’s co-founder and Head of Engineering said “We’ve been told by the FAA that this is the most thoroughly tested and documented STC that has ever been done at the Wichita Aircraft Certification Office.”
GAMI’s G100UL has many advantages over today’s 100LL.
1. In addition to having “no lead (TEL)” the fuel has equivalent octane performance and can work in even the most demanding high compression ratio and turbocharged engines.
2. The G100UL has no “organometallic additives” or “scavenging agents” and as such burns exceedingly clean similar to today’s unleaded auto fuels. This results in exceptionally clean combustion chambers, free of deposits and materially improving such maintenance headaches like frequent oil and spark plug changes required with today’s leaded fuel.
3. It is fully “miscible” or “fungible” with 100LL in any proportion without loss of properties and approved as such in the wing of an airplane.
4. Being petroleum based, the G100UL can be produced at a large number of refineries or specialty chemical production facilities improving the logistics of delivering this aviation gasoline through the existing infrastructure
5. The G100UL has been tested for its material compatibility and found to be acceptable for use with a wide range of materials. No changes are required of the aircraft or engine other than the application of placards.
6. Operationally, the G100UL is virtually identical to 100LL and actually has a bit more energy (BTUs/gal.) for increased range of the aircraft.
Tim Roehl, President and Co-founder of GAMI said “It’s a great day for GA! Not only can we look forward to a lead free fuel future, the benefits of the G100UL will improve the maintainability and reliability of our engines, enhancing dispatchability and safety!

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