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GOPA Europe, 2022

  • 2 Jun 2022
  • (SSST)
  • 6 Jun 2022
  • (SSST)
  • Krakow - Poland, EPKP

Next year’s European flying will be in Krakow - Poland!

 What’s set for now:

The date: our traditional Pentecost weekend 2-6.6.2022 ensures great weather and flying conditions, the airfield: EPKP just east of Krakow, 1100m Runway, English ATC during the event.

We have the support of the airport manager and hotel.

 Not all details regarding the program are written in stone yet. Some arrangements are still to be confirmed.

Please bear with us. Never before has an annual meeting been prepared with such a brief planning period.

And with a rather small team that is still working a full day job too.

We will keep you posted when and how booking will be available and publish the program ASAP.

Looking forward seeing old friends again.

Rafal and Yogi

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